The Silence of Our Friends

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Silly, cute, weird, funny....

It's been months since I wrote anything here. It should be obvious I have writers block. I'm also tired of arguing, and negativity, and being unhappy. I'm also tired of politics. So what have I been doing when I do get online? In the past week I have been looking at anything silly, cute, weird, and/or funny I can find! And now, in order to get past my writers block, I will share my finds with you:

Most of my finds are videos, first for some cuteness...

The first is the Cuppycake Song, it's the cutest little voice singing with pictures of yummy cupcakes, because, I like yummy cupcakes. But if you don't, you can always watch the original video of the cute little girl recording the song.

I'm in 100% agreement with this kid. I don't really like you people, unless...

For my Latin@ friends, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. It's the One Semester of Spanish Love Song.

Want to hear more? You need to see and hear An Honest R&B Song, then! (Listen and watch the guy doing the background vocals, he's the best part.)

Update: even more! In comments Nadia recommends another "sexy" R&B song. It's Business Time!

KILLER KITTEN will horrify and terrorize you!

If that wasn't scary enough, ZOMBIES! SINGING ZOMBIES!

The internet disagrees with you!

Jesus wants you to ROCK OUT!

If you need to find out if your man is cheating then this is something that must be done...

A report on CNN about Lehman Bros bankruptcy, check out the guys behind the reporter.

This is getting pretty long. So I have decided I will break up my silly, cute, weird, and funny stuff into at least two posts, and maybe three. All these videos ought to keep anyone busy for awhile anyway (if anyone is still checking in here!)