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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hmong Posts

Kai over at Zuky has some posts up about the Hmong which are a must read. He explains how they came to be here in America and why they deserve our respect. He was inspired by a post at the Women of Color Blog about Chonburi Xiong, a teen who was killed by the police who found it "necessary" to shoot him TWENTY SEVEN TIMES.

Here in Wisconsin last year a Hmong man named Cha Vang was out hunting and was killed by another hunter who claimed self defense. Don't believe it. Cha Vang was shot, stabbed six or seven times in the neck and face, and had a stick shoved into his mouth, then thrown in a ditch with a log on top of him and covered in leaves. Does that sound like self defense to you? The other guy was shot once in the hand and there are people who are wondering if that wound was self-inflicted after the killing to give that bastard an excuse. Here is a news report, pay close attention to what Nichols spray painted on a cabin he burgularized if you read it. Sounds like a nice all American guy.

Also if anyone dares to tell you that the Hmong are the ones at fault, you might want to read this report about what the Hmong say their experience has been like in the Wisconsin woods.
A Hmong hunter from Appleton who was issued a citation for trespassing when the violation was not correct, and didn't understand the questioning and his actions were taken as hostile. His name and address was published in the news and created a hazardous situation at his home, while the other person's information was not.

Hoe Lee, Sheboygan, said that a deer he shot was taken by a white hunter who claimed the deer and state patrol officer believed the other hunter even though he said the law was on his side.

Herr Lee, Green Bay, shot a deer that had been wounded in the leg and had walked several. Although regulations say that the deer had traveled enough distance to be claimed by the second hunter, the first hunter came and after an altercation took the deer. The local law enforcement believed the white hunter.

Mr. “State" Lee, shot a deer, and having a painful swelling of the legs, had to walk slowly after the animal. Even though it was only about a 100 yards away, a group of white hunters saw him but took the deer anyway. He said the authorities believed these hunters.
The white people always tell the truth, the brown people are always the liars.

UPDATE: I knew about the Appleton case too and went looking for an article I read awhile back. Some background, this one involves a man named Chuetoua Lor. The "white" spin on that one is that Toua Lor was hunting on private property and the property owner told him to leave and Lor pointed his gun at the man. The truth is Lor was on corporate land which is open to the public, in order to cross into that land he asked another landowner if he could go through his property and was granted permission. So he was legally hunting on land open to the public. He was near the property line of the white guy, and the white guy told him to move away. NEAR, not on the other guys property. Lor did move away and was shooting at game in a different part of the public land when he was again confronted by the white guy. The white guy told him to leave, questioned him about how he got there in the first place, the public land is surrounded by private land, and white guy didn't believe him when he said he got permission from a different landowner to cross. Then he went back home and called the cops and told them that Lor threatened him by pointing his gun at his legs.

Sounds to me like the white guy should have been charged with harrassment. I think he made up the part about Lor pointing his gun at him, Lor probably had his gun pointing at the ground like any good hunter would, but white guy wanted him out of the area and so made up charges to get the cops to come. By the time they arrived Lor had enough of being harrassed and went home. So they called the SWAT team in to arrest him. Yeah, SWAT. At least they didn't shoot him 27 times for moving suspiciously and happening to own a gun. All of this on the word of some old geezer who probably yells at the neighbor kids to get off his lawn. But as we all know, white people always tell the truth and brown people always lie.

What I wanted people to see was this article, not for the article, read the third comment and see if it doesn't make you want to puke. Hey, they just want to preserve their way of life in their land!

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can I vomit now??? Boy that last comment--"That little man"--isn't it amazing how easily racial stereotypes just slide of the tongue of threatened white people?

By Blogger brownfemipower, at 2/03/2007 7:29 PM  

Oh I know, and...
"...having to put up with these minorities who may have the same rights to live and (may be) to hunt in our land, something's gonna give."


Lesson: If you have brown skin you are never truly American with the same rights as white Americans on THEIR land, that they are sort of but not really trying to share, oh hell, NOT! ARGH!

PS. I know this comes off harsh both the post and the comments and I really want my white allies to know I am blowing off steam at the ignorance and not blaming you or saying all whites are like this. Perhaps I should do a post on this now.

By Blogger Donna, at 2/03/2007 9:34 PM  

some times donna, you just gotta vent. I think that "our land" bullshit is probably the most screwed up comment I have ever heard come out of the mouth of white people--I spent a lot of time researching the spear fishing battles in Wisconsin (my undergraduate degree is women's studies with an emphasis on social justice movements and how they happen)--and over and over again, in the video taken during the protests, you see signs and hear white folks screaming "go back to where you came from!" "get off our land!"
They are screaming this crap at NATIVE AMERICANS for christs sake. Doing bodily harm to people because you're too stupid to realize that YOU are the freaking intruder.

such is the arrogance of racism, no? kill and maim others for thinking they are you?

By Blogger brownfemipower, at 2/03/2007 10:09 PM  

I remember the Cha Vang case, and how so many white people did exactly what you said-jumped to the conclusion that *of course* he was guilty.

PS. I know this comes off harsh both the post and the comments and I really want my white allies to know I am blowing off steam at the ignorance and not blaming you or saying all whites are like this.

I appreciate your concern for white allies, but really, it's our responsibility to get what you're saying, don't you think? You're describing the way the majority of white people behave. I mean, all of what you described is very WHITE behavior. That doesn't mean that all white people are the scum of the earth. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't have to be careful about our feelings.

By Blogger spotted elephant, at 2/03/2007 11:11 PM  

Spotted Elephant, that is a different case, they are easy to confuse since the names are so similar, but you are talking about the Chai Vang case, and I am talking about Cha Vang. Chai Vang is a Hmong man who shot 8 white people killing 6. Cha Vang was also Hmong and he was killed by a white hunter.

If you read my newest post you'll get a better idea of what I mean. You've been around the human equality blogs long enough to understand that I don't mean you, but I think there are people who are new to POC blogs who might get the idea that when we speak of "white people" in anger we might mean them and that they aren't welcome. I don't want them to misunderstand.

(I got human equality blogs from mb at Wampum, any blog that is about equality and fighting oppression is a human equality blog. I notice we all tend to visit each others blogs and understand how oppression effects others and effects the way we deal with one another too.)

I simply feel that I shouldn't offend people who would naturally be my allies. I don't want to shut down conversation. I'm also human and not perfect and most of us are the most likely to make mistakes when we are angry. So if I step out of line, I want to hear about it and correct it.

By Blogger Donna, at 2/04/2007 12:07 AM  

Oh-got it. I think I was reading your comment as you felt responsible, and were obligated to deal with this, not-from a human perspective, that you didn't want to shut allies down. Especially new allies-that's a good point.

By Blogger spotted elephant, at 2/04/2007 2:41 PM  

Umm, the first link in this scetion doesnt work! Do you think you can get the link back? Because I REALLY want to read those posts! ^_^

By Blogger rockleex, at 2/15/2007 3:32 AM  

By the way, what that white guy said about "that little man", I think he meant to be sarcastic. Or shall I say satire?

By Blogger rockleex, at 2/15/2007 4:06 AM  

"The white people always tell the truth, the brown people are always the liars."

Out of the mouths of babes. . .

By Blogger Ozzymania, at 6/29/2007 9:57 AM  

Dude, your version of the Chuetoua Lor case is so fucked up, its not even funny. First of all, the person who supposedly gave him permission never did, nor could he. You see, his land was 40 acres away from the corporate land. Lor HAD to tresspass to get there. When he was confronted, Lor was NOT on corporate land, he was on PRIVATE land owned by the accusers family. Lor broke the law..plain and simple. The case is almost 3 years old, but still burns on because the LDS Church pulled so many strings to get that bag of shit set free. Sick....just sick....

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/26/2009 1:08 PM  

Well, its a few years later, and I hope you are ALL eating CROW for your jaded view of the Lor case in Outagamie County. This asswipe got nailed for another DNR violation, which finally stuck. Then, this "christian" man whom the LDS Church bailed out, gets divorced from his wife.

Hopefully his hunting days are over...that trespassing bag of shit.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/11/2010 12:18 PM  

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