The Silence of Our Friends

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I'm Back!

Sort of. I've been back for the last few days reading a few blogs here and there and occasionally posting a comment. I can't seem to get my head on straight long enough to get a good post going here though. A couple days ago I got all these links together for the May 1, Day Without Latinos March, here in Milwaukee but was having a hard time putting together a post, and now the time has passed. This is one of the reasons why I took the break in the first place, I was doing that on other subjects, getting the research done but when it comes to sitting down and cranking out a post I can't organize my thoughts or the actual post. I've got too much going on here at home, and I'm taking too much Lortab again too, and the husband is here on vacation too, so I am very distracted. It's frustrating for me because it is a priority to me to be a contributing member of the online POC community. There aren't enough of our voices out there and I don't want to be another one who slips away or is run off.

The good news is...I think we sold the house! We got an offer last week which we accepted, and today is the home inspection. This house is solid, so I am not expecting a problem there, but you never know, and this is where the deal could still fall apart, so *fingers crossed*.

That's the update for now on this front. But I do still have one last thing...

Elle has finished her dissertation! She's DOCTOR ELLE now! Go congratulate her!

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fingers crossed! glad yr back

By Blogger belledame222, at 5/03/2007 11:33 AM  

Eeee! *applauds* I'll cross fingers and toes for ya! And glad you're posting again! :-D

By Blogger Sylvia, at 5/03/2007 12:19 PM  

for all the support and a million other reasons, i love y'all

By Blogger elle, at 5/03/2007 12:19 PM  

welcome back!

By Anonymous nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez, at 5/03/2007 12:34 PM  

Take care of yourself. Until you do that you it will be difficult to take care of others, even online. Take.Care.Of.Yourself.

And best wishes with the house! What a thrill that can be!

By Blogger Rootietoot, at 5/03/2007 2:25 PM  

Yay!! Donna's back. Missed you!

By Anonymous Andrew, at 5/04/2007 2:12 PM  

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