The Silence of Our Friends

Friday, April 13, 2007

Living La Vida Loca

Yes, I think Ricky Martin is a cutie, but also my life is a little crazy right now.

Ok, so we decided that we weren't getting enough interest in the house. We had shown it maybe a dozen or so times and even though people said nice things when they came through, no offers. So we talked it over and decided to drop the price, my husband even had a dream that we should drop it $3000, so that is how much we dropped it. I called up the agent who did our MLS listing and told him to drop it and I put in ads in the paper with the new price. Only now interest has picked up and we are expecting two offers. Lucky for us the agent said he can't drop it on just our word, we have to fax a signed approval, but by then I had gotten a call from one couple talking about putting in an offer so I didn't do it. Today I checked the paper and sure enough they are running the new price and so now I am praying that no one sees it! How is that, paying for an ad and hoping no one sees it. LOL This week alone we had two families come through to look, one was a second showing and the wife is taking measurements, pictures, talking about renovations, and said, "My son wants to look this weekend before we buy." BEFORE WE BUY! WOOO HOOO! I think we're gonna sell the love shack, baaayyybeeeeeee! And today I got calls for two more families to look. Keep your fingers crossed, and arms and legs crossed, and eyes, that's important, keep your eyes crossed for good luck for me!

Now for the bad news, my neck and back are still acting up. I'm in pain most of the day with my left arm going numb alot of the time. It's weird because I can still type or do just about anything with it numb, it works fine, I just can't feel it sometimes. I saw my doc today and there is nothing new to do about it. I need surgery but without my husband here to help me recuperate I can't have it. So it will have to wait until I am out east. Anyone know any good doctors or hospitals for disc fusion surgery in Manchester (Nashua or Concord too) or maybe even Boston? Or warn me who to stay away from!

Anyway, I've been trying to keep up with reading other people's blogs. Lots of good stuff out there. But I can't think straight to post my own stuff, so that's why there isn't anything new. I'll get my act together eventually!

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