The Silence of Our Friends

Saturday, October 06, 2007

you call this a revolution?

created by the militantly disabled Ms CRiP Chick

Of course I’m silent when you start talkin’ Revolution
To you, my “Enlightened” Angelina-Jolie-Bono-loving
People Magazine-reading friend,
Revolution is nothing more than a trendy word to sport.
Something that’s been in style since the 80s Live AID concert
But tell me, do you really know who Che is? Or do you carry his image on your chest because his face is good looking?
Do you really support militant activism or only when it comes in ancient Buddhist mystery with monks and shit?
Do you realize what a lot of what you’ve been told about the world is a lie?
You see, I don’t really feel a need to wear 5 different wristbands for 5 different “causes,”
Particularly when the goal is to eradicate disabled people from the face of the earth with talks of cures and research
You see, I don’t feel a need to pay more money for this [Red] line they sell at the GAP…afterall, does consumerism and capitalism really go hand in hand with the principles of radicalism?
These are just some things I think while listening to a friend talk about how we, as “persons with disabilities” [not people,] are going to change the world.

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