The Silence of Our Friends

Friday, June 15, 2007

sexual violence in australian aboriginal communities

This article from BBC News points to the horrific level of sexual violence aboriginal children experience in Australia.

As I was reading the article however, I was wondering why this report (also compiled by the Australian government) was not mentioned or referenced any where in the article. The report, called the Bringing the Home Report, investigated the effects of the government sponsored forced removal of children from their parents on the aboriginal community.

The report documented children forced to work in migrant communities and as cleaning ladies, intense physical repercussions for wetting the bed or not eating maggot infested food, constant sexual violence, and foster "parents" that used the children as servants, sexual tools and/or beating posts.

This policy was in effect between 1885 and 1969. Could the fact that there are multiple generations of aboriginal peoples whose official "parent" was a brutal colonizing nation/state intent on their destruction have anything to do with how the community is now raising their children?

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