The Silence of Our Friends

Friday, October 12, 2007

I'm a slacker blogger

I know I should blog, I have really and truly been busy with the new house but it's been coming together and I have less to do each day, so that's no excuse anymore. I see alot I want to blog about, because I do get online and read blogs, news, emails and all that, but can't get motivated or the energy to actually write a blog post. I feel defeated and like there is no point alot of the time, but I also get angry when I see my favorite bloggers get discouraged and feel defeated and take extended breaks or nuke their blogs. So while I sometimes want to be gone, I really think it's important for us to get our voices heard. Maybe I have nothing important to say today, or tomorrow, or for a long time, but if by being here and telling you all that I'm staying it will convince some of those others to come back when they are ready, then I've done some good.

Now for something that will really motivate my blogger friends, or get them dancing nekid around the house, both laudable goals in my estimation, I give you this:

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YAY! You're back sort of! Woo!

*huggles like mad*

By Anonymous R. Mildred, at 10/12/2007 6:40 PM  

This is my first visit to your blog via Curvature - I too am a slacker blogger these days - I even did a post entitled that recently myself. I smiled when I saw your post title. I understand having much to say but yet not managing to get it said on our blogs.

I'll be back.

By Blogger Verging Writer, at 10/13/2007 12:26 AM  

My first visit here via the Salon...I've loved your comments there and wanted to pop in and say hey.

I have a similar problem... not slacking *per se* but just thinking I have to make everything I blog about socially important; weigh in against every single injustice, etc etc etc... it gets DAUNTING and you feel overwhelmed. When that happens, I get slack-- passive aggression? :P

Anyway, just keep in mind we like to read you! :)

By Blogger DaisyDeadhead, at 10/13/2007 1:46 AM  

*huggles back*! It is good to be back, so far... *she says until the next flame war* RMildred, I loved the head in a jar idea, I'm thinking that life would be so much easier if my kids were heads in jars, and they would be so cute to display on the mantle.

Oh boy VW you went and did it, reminded me that I need to update my blogroll and include Curvature. I hate when I am reminded of things like that, I just don't like html tags or css. Welcome to my little home on the web.

Daisy, why is it easier to write in email? That's my question. I'm glad you're here and like to read what you are thinking too. *note to self, another link to add to blogroll* lol

By Blogger Donna, at 10/14/2007 11:03 PM  

God, I love that song!

By Blogger Plain(s)feminist, at 10/15/2007 9:29 AM  

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