The Silence of Our Friends

Friday, May 18, 2007

New Kid On The Block

Ok, maybe not that new. I've seen her around. I'm out getting the mail and she drives by, or she's taking a stroll that takes her past my house in the late afternoon, maybe in line a couple customers ahead of me at the grocery store. She seems really nice and I overheard a conversation or two where she has wonderful, intelligent, and interesting things to say. I think I'd like to get to know her. Maybe you've already stopped by and welcomed her to our lovely POC neighborhood. If not, let's take a walk over to her place and say, "Hi!" together.

Ok, Magniloquence is the newest addition to my blogroll. But there are other new WOC blogs recently added too, and you might want to pop by their blogs and see what they have to say: Vox ex Machina, No Snow Here (Meet her in person at the AMC!), She Who Stumbles, Make It Plain (Nanette recommended her!), and Race and Gender (Aradhana recommended her!).

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Yay, new folks! Well, oldish newish, some of them, but still.

Also, I have an interesting site that I saw linked from somewhere... - lots of resources and information and organizations and such.

By Blogger Nanette, at 5/19/2007 12:25 AM  


Awww. Thanks! I'm glad you like what I have to say.

Now, if only I could stop having really good blogging days coinciding with days-of-little-internet-access...

By Anonymous magniloquence, at 5/20/2007 1:17 AM  

thanks for the link!

By Anonymous nadia, at 5/22/2007 9:02 PM  

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